Hire vetted remote rockstar developers in days and not months

If you are tired of wasting time and money on bad hires and just would like to focus on building great products, then we can assure you that we are the right partner for you. Let us show you what the top 2% of developers can do for you and your business

Hire within a few days

All of our developers have gone through a rigorous vetting process so you can have a new team member within days

Only the best developers

All of our developers have proven technical skills and speak fluent English. Our vetting process only allows for the best developers to pass through.

Really good pricing

We work long-term so we don’t have to charge unrealistic and overpriced fees.

Match made in heaven

We value both attitude and other soft skills equally as important as technical skills. We promise that our developers will be higly motivated to join your team.

A New Way of Working

We Believe In Distributed Teams

We want to bring the Open Source way of working to businesses across the world. Our ambition is to help you create distributed software development teams rather than just offer you remote resources. 

Let us help you to join the evolution of software development towards distributed teams.

We've Made Things Simple!

Finding and hiring the most cruicial resources for your organization shouldn’t be that complicating. We’ve simplified it for you and added some guarantees so that you feel comfortable trying out our services. 

Get Started Within Weeks

Get Presented With Superstar Developers

Two Week Money Back Guarantee

Three Simple Steps To Find The Perfect Developer For Your Team

1. Let Us Know What You Need

Tell our technical staff about your ambitions, goals and needs for your project or product

2. Match Up With High Skilled Developers

We’ll present you with hand-picked fully vetted developers within a few days

3. Start working

We know that you might feel uncertainty so we’ll take on some of the risk by offering you two week money back guarantee.

Our Idea Rest upon long term commitment

We'Re Not Just Another Freelancer Service

Extensive HR Process

We believe that only the best of the best is good enough for you. Our HR process selects only top quality developers

Find Developers Almost Anywhere In The World

We’ll go to the ends of the earth to find the right talent for you

Help Us Become Even Better

We’re not the best in the world, but we would love to become the best Let us know what is good and what can be improved and we promise to listen!

Remove Barriers

The Open Source Community has done this for a while. We’re just copying their best practices and 

Build Professional Products

Focus your time on what matters and let us take care of the rest for you

Outperform Your Competitors

Let us show you that whatever you thought was not possible is achievable with the right talent. 

Are You A Developer?

We’re looking to grow our pool of talented developers so get in touch with us

frequently asked questions

6 Most Popular FAQ`s

How fast can we get started?

After our first meeting where you get the chance to explain your needs for us, we can find great match for your project or team within days. We will make sure to include you in the process and present our vetted candidates for you to make the final choice.

How can I be sure that I get the right developers for my project?

Our technical guides have extensive knowledge about software developement and will be the ones who you meet with first. Once we have understood exactly what you need, we set out to find the perfect candidate for you. 

In Norbridge, we have worked with various hiring processes and found a great niche for developers that ensure high quality yield. Out of all our applicants, less than 3% pass through our vetting process. We do not only look for the best technical talent but also proficiency in English and a set of soft skills and we of course use market leading software to make the process data driven and efficient. This allows us to generate candidates that are trusted developers where we feel confident about their skills and the level to which they match your needs. 

How about developer's English language proficiency

Communication is among the most important part of the success in utilizing distributed teams and at Norbridge we only present candidates that speak English fluently and have proper communicative skills.

Our HR process also conduct interviews to understand if the selected person has a good cultural fit for your team. 

What type of skills are available through Norbridge?

Over time, we have managed to create a wide network of senior developers with a variety of skills spanning from back-end developers working with C# .NET, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby and Golang to front-end developers with expertise in React, Vue, Angular and more. 

We have also experts in Xamarin, MAUI, Kotlin, Flutter and other similar multi platform frameworks. 

Having a great product will also require UX/UI designers, QA, DevOps Engineers and if you want to explore the deep end of tech where “machines are taking over”, we also have Data Scientists and Engineers as well as Machine Learning Engineers. We’ve also helped quite a few companies to utilize Business Intelligence within their organizations using Power BI and QlikView to mention a few.

All in all, we are confident that we can find the right match for your needs regardless of tech stack. 

Will Norbridge also take care of the project management?

We will make sure that the working relationship is on a five star level but our idea rest upon creating distributed teams where autonomy and self-organizing elements lead their work. For this reason, we don’t project lead your resources as we believe that you would find the most benefit if they are integrated to your teams rather than us micro managing them. Instead, we make sure to offer developers that are highly self-organized to minimize over head and the ever lasting hassle of explaining common sense. 

How does the two week trial work?

We don’t want you to feel any friction in trying our service and since we only offer superstar developers, we are confident that you will be happy. But in the case that you are not, we don’t charge you anything during the trial period of two weeks. 

Not sure where to start?

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